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Mj Productions cannot give advice on medical attributes. Some descriptions based off of and our personal long time clients. Always use responsibly. Don't limit your palate to the THC try them all! FindYOUR Flavor!

Blue Mystic= indica dominant hybrid (60%/20% Northern Lights and Blueberry are the most likely parents of Blue Mystic, but there's no way to know for sure. This strain both tastes and smells like berries. The buds are covered in thick layers of trichomes that hint at Blue Mystic's potency.

Jagoo=crossed with Afgoo and "the light of Jah" strain. Strong combination of indica and sativa strains. Couch locking combines with powerful thinking for the best of both worlds.

Strawberry Diesel= Sativa dominant Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel, tasty bold kick of diesel has been combined with a fruity lick of strawberry!

Velvet Kush =Also known as "Silver Velvet Kush", (50%/50% hybrid) Beautiful as well as potent. Strong and relaxing, it is nice to unwind with. Frosty in crystals and has beautiful deep rich colors. One of our customer's favorites because we do it wonderful!